Modalyst Features

Modalyst makes it simple for an online store to source, list, and sell all types of products. Our inventory includes everything from a large selection of every day products on AliExpress to our unique collection of niche finds from high quality suppliers.

Modalyst Products

With millions of available products from global and USA dropshippers, no other platform offers as wide a selection of quality products for your online store. Curate the inventory of your dreams with our automated dropshipping platform.

Marketplace of Millions of Products

Our dropshipping catalog is stocked with millions of trendy products from worldwide brands for your ecommerce store. Curate a unique collection of apparel, accessories, jewelry, or other products. Dropshipping with Modalyst is the easiest way to stock your online store and gives full access to hundreds of dropship suppliers. Find the right products

Sell Directly on your eCommerce Website

Curate your favorite products across multiple ecommerce platforms. After all, your Wix store customers want different products than your eBay customers. Tailor your product offerings to the audiences that you know best. Sell the best products with Modalyst wherever your online store operates.

Digital Inventory

Select products for your retail store from a catalog of hundreds of high quality brands at wholesale prices. Our wholesale suppliers only feature products that are on-hand and ready to package and ship directly to your shoppers. Eliminate the downsides of minimum orders and ordering in advance. Place virtual inventory on your site instantly and watch it sell.

Unlimited Dropship Products

Choose as many products as your bandwidth and business model allows. Make new product additions whenever you like. Import product descriptions and data directly into your dropshipping store. There are no limitations to exports. Sell products at a discount or get the high margins you want. The best starting point for online retailers, there is no such thing as shelf space in the

Arrange Products for Easy Export

Select products for your ecommerce shop and arrange them into lists to easily export based on categories and themes. Arrange your drop ship inventory with the tactics that save you a lot of time. The best way to stock your ecommerce shelves, Modalyst makes running a dropship business easy. As a Modalyst retail subscriber, you have access to as many products you need to make your own store a successful, legitimate business.

Sync Products in a Single Click

Want to change up your curation? No problem! Switching products is just a few clicks away. Add as many products as you would like to your inventory lists. Give your potential customers the variety they seek and outpace your competitors with new products that keep your online business fresh.

Single, Centralized Platform

Curate the best products for dropshipping and import product information to your Modalyst account and eCommerce store

Communicate in a single place

Dramatically reduce the time to find reliable dropshipping brands with our user-friendly supplier directory. Easily communicate with suppliers within the Modalyst app. See your suppliers inventory levels, ship times, and track the package and fulfillment process, all from one centralized place.

Eliminate shipping logistics

All orders are shipped directly from the brand to your buyers. The drop shipping model eliminates the hassles of order fulfillment and empowers entrepreneurs to focus on other areas of building their own business, whether email marketing and customer service. Bypass the cons of the fulfillment process and never worry about out-of-stock items.

Shipping Status Updates

Modalyst automatically updates you as the brands fill out their shipping status, including courier name, tracking info, and tracking links. Include the price of shipping in your product pricing so you can offer free shipping to your customers. See your shipments arrive on-time to your customers in your online store database.

Digital Purchase Orders

Every item automatically flows through the Order Management Tool, with automatically created Purchase Orders. No more paperwork. Simple ordering for beginner entrepreneurs and seasoned store owners.

Formatted Product Lists

Selling through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Volusion or other marketplaces and shopping carts? Exported lists are pre-set in each format to be easily uploaded onto different e-commerce platforms. Exporting lists is fast and easy. Just click!

Organize in one centralized place

The easiest way to order from multiple brands on a single platform. Manage orders, conversations, lists, and payments without ever opening a new tab.

Modalyst Integrations with eCommerce platforms

Streamline your e-commerce operations with Modalyst dropshipping


Install our Wix app for dropshipping in just one click. Modalyst has the best dropshipping products for your ecommerce site. Install Modalyst for thousands of incredible products to add to your Wix virtual storefront. Manage your Wix online store from your mobile device with complete control and ease of use. Add Modalyst to your ecommerce plan and start taking your Wix website to the next level.


Install Modalyst's Shopify app in one click to automate dropshipping for your Shopify store. Modalyst has the best products from reliable US suppliers for your Shopify platform. Manage your Shopify dropshipping business from your mobile device with complete control and ease of use. Make Modalyst the inventory source for your own ecommerce store and start taking your ecommerce store to the next level.

Organize in one centralized place

List millions of products to your BigCommerce store including product details, imagery, descriptions, product prices, and inventory with a single click. Install Modalyst to automate dropshipping and find unique merchandise for the buyers in your niche marketplaces. Modalyst is a great platform to find reliable US dropship suppliers for your BigCommerce online store.

Modalyst is the official Dropshipping partner of 

Explore our exclusive direct integration with AliExpress where Modalyst dropshippers have access to millions of products available on

Autonomy, Communication and Automation

Manage your online store the way you want. Choose the products and prices you know your customers will love and have complete autonomy to work on your time and schedule. Our automated platform will keep you updated with all of the information you need to keep your store up-and-running.

Unlimited Inbound Messages

Go ahead, don't be shy. Chat with brands and suppliers to better understand their background and products. We do not limit the amount of communication which our retailers can make, because we know being an ecommerce entrepreneur is a lot of work. Get the answers you need, when you need them.

Follow your Favorites

Love a great product? Go ahead and follow specific suppliers. You'll be updated on all new products and awesome merchandise as the brand updates their profile, product descriptions, and starts group buys. Like your own virtual trade show, stay on top of the brands you love.

Notifications on Inventory Levels

When a product has a low inventory count, all retailers selling that product are automatically informed. Never disappoint a potential customer with an out-of-stock product. From the first order to the last, you will always have real-time inventory counts.

Product Updates

All details including pricing, descriptions, imagery, and stock levels are automatically updated in real-time on Shopify, and through .csv for all others.

Set your own Pricing Rules

Choose the prices and margins that will make you money and your customers happy.. Automatically mark-up all items based on the rules you set, and separate parameters for each inventory type. It’s never been easier to maximize profits than with Modalyst’s dropshipping platform.

Profit Calculator

Use our profit calculator to see what you will earn on each product in real-time. Only choose the most profitable products for your online store. Our easy-to-use tool is always available to help you set the prices that will help your business grow.

Vetted Suppliers

Dramatically reduce the time to find reliable dropshipping brands with our user-friendly supplier directory. Easily communicate with suppliers within the Modalyst app. See your suppliers inventory levels, ship times, and track the package and fulfillment process, all from one centralized place.