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FatherPay is a payment solutions that helps you accept payments in Seconds. with No Fees. with No Monthly Charge. with No Risk.

FatherPay is a cashless payment method, which helps to make the life of a business owner easy. FatherPay is the best solution for eCommerce store and online businesses. Whether you are looking for an alternative to PayPal or need a more reliable and secure payment gateway, FatherStore is your go-to choice. We are the leading service provider in the industry because we offer unparalleled speed of transactions and nothing but convenience for our customers.

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FatherPay provides the best payment solutions to help you starting your online store. It is a payment gateway, which provides the best payment solutions to help you start your online store.

Is the best addition to your business. We help you get more customers, be more efficient and make more money. Payments have never been easier with FatherPay's Ecommerce gateway payment.


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FatherPay is a fast, reliable and secure payment method that will accept any type of bill in the world.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, if you want to use Fatherpay services, you must subscribe to Fathershops packages.

Definitely , there are no set-up or monthly fees.

An individual
1. freelance document.
2. National identity
3. Bank account information


  1. Commercial Register
    2. National identity
    3. Bank account information

in 24h the services will be activated and you can accept the payment right away and  in then 2 weeks you will receive  the first payments after that every 48h you will get your payment in your bank account.

Yes, please checkout this link you will find the Terms & Condition and agreement  Draft as well .