Everything 0%

Process payments anywhere with our global payments platform and expertise to help you unlock more value in every transaction without set-up fees or additional transaction fees.

Smart Dahsboard

A unique control panel with high capabilities through which you can control your payments and reports

One Click Activation

Direct activation There is no need to wait for a long time, visit the bank to activate the service, just attach the documents and activate the service

Global Payments

Receive your payments from around the world Wherever you are, your money will reach you quickly

Zero Transaction Fee

No setup fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees

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Always stay ahead


Receive your payments inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia intelligently through the various available payment methods without any additional fees


Accept payments from Mada 0% Transaction Fee


150+ processing currencies, 0% Transaction Fee

Apple pay

accept all cards with Apple pay , 0% Transaction Fee


0% Transactions Fee

Grow your revenue

Best Solutions For Your Payments

One Page Checkout

A distinctive and easy payment page for the customer with all options, whether local or international

Fraud Defences

Smarter fraud defenses; machine-learning, data-driven insights, authentication

One Account

One account is enough to manage your domestic or international payments

Boost acceptance

International payments, accepted

You can receive and process all your international payments through our smart systems

0% Transactions Fee

all international payments without transactions fee

Multiple Currencies

150+ processing currencies, 20+ settlement currencies

One Account

Control your domestic and international payments in one place

Money In Seconds

Receive your payments within seconds, even if they are international

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Shape your solution

Manage Your Payments

Integrate once. Add features and payment methods in any market anytime. You can flex our single payments API for your needs – no matter how unique.

Dedicated team to accurately manage and monitor your account

Ease of requesting reports on your payments periodically

Processing local and international balances and amounts in one control panel

Our goal is to make your business successful, you can sell all over the world and receive your payments easily

FatherPay Team 

One Page Checkout

A convenient and smart single payment page that promotes the growth of your business and accelerates the payment processes of your customers

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you want to use Fatherpay services, you must subscribe to e-stores plus packages combined with the dropshipping service

Definitely , there are no set-up or monthly fees

An individual
1. freelance document.
2. National identity
3. Bank account information


1. Commercial Register
2. National identity
3. Bank account information

24h , if your documents  compete 

Yes, please checkout this link you will find the Terms & Condition and agreement  Draft as well .