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Lesson 1 : Dropshipping Winning g Products

How do you choose a winning product?

There is a lot of controversy at this stage, many people use the usual way to choose products, which is to ask friends and family, but this method is not practical! If you always want to succeed in the world of business in general and e-commerce in particular and dropshipping, stay away from emotions first and second, do not sell or choose something you love at all.

Choose what the market demands, what the customer needs, a product that solves a problem that people want to buy, a rising and trending product, an emotional product like gifts and more.

In this video, I will explain to you the tools and method of searching for the winning product, but before we start, you can look at the link in the description in a blog that explains to you the most important policies that must be provided in your winning product, such as weight, higher profitability, a non-banned product and others..
Tools :


Lesson 2 : E-Commerce Needed

Needs for a successful online business

First, we all know that when establishing any business, there must be founding expenses, for example, on the ground. If you want to set up a restaurant, you will spend amounts on rent, decoration, fixtures, equipment, workers’ salaries, materials for the food industry and many other expenses. These are called needs so that you can sell the first meal in your restaurant And you will not be able to sell the first meal without the availability of basic items.

Now that we know the concept of basic needs to start a business, we will talk about the basic needs in e-commerce in order to succeed in selling the first order via the Internet.

Note: Why do many people want and accept e-commerce because of its lower set-up costs compared to real-world projects.

All the needs of establishing e-commerce can be paid monthly, and this is a feature that makes you move more freely so that you can activate and stop any of the services at any time you want and we will need to establish a business via the following Internet:

1- Winning Products
2- Supply Chain
3- Content
4- Professional Online Store
5- Support Services (Payments – Shipping)
6- Excellent Customer Service

We note the order of needs in priority because each element is linked to the other. If any of these elements fail, you will face great difficulty in making your business model successful.

Undoubtedly now, a question arises in your mind from where I will collect these advantages until you start and notice that the subject has become more difficult, in theory you feel that the needs are difficult, but in practice it will become easier than you expect provided that you learn every skill and every requirement in the points above.

But do not worry, all of the above requirements are available on the Fathershops platform, which is the smartest platform currently, as it is considered an e-commerce center that collects all services in one place only!

With us, at Fathershops, you will learn how to choose the winning product with professional methods and tools, and Fathershops will provide you with the complete supply chain for your products.

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