E-Commerce Understanding

E-Commerce Concept

E-commerce concept

All global, medium and small companies have turned to e-commerce, and even companies that were not convinced of the existence of e-commerce have completely transformed their activity to sell online.

Some companies even closed trading on the ground and focused on working in e-commerce, as it has become a way of life for many traders.

The speed of the spread of the brand in e-commerce is 1000 times more than the traditional method, and here we make sure that we must enter this field and learn and practice intensively, since e-commerce does not need a lot of capital. Yes, you must have a budget to start your e-commerce, but do not compare at all to the traditional business model if you want to establish any business.

But the important aspect of the concept of e-commerce is several things that you must have

1- Learning (without learning, your business will be lost)
2- Understand online consumer behavior
3-supply chain
4- Support services (payments – warehousing – shipping – customer service – marketing)
5- E-commerce platform

Many believe that e-commerce is only an online store, and this is a common and misconception. The online store constitutes only 30% of the online sales system.

If you have experience in e-commerce, you can start with us and become professional and raise the level of your work, especially since our entire team at Brothersshops and Brothersstock are professionals in e-commerce and we established the company from a great deal of experience in this field.

And if you are a beginner, I strongly advise you to follow the free courses on our platform or any other platform and focus and apply continuously and inevitably you will reach.