Activating “WhatsApp” live chat

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Activating “WhatsApp” live chat


You activate the live chat application through whatsapp free white no extra fees and very smoothly.

All you have you have to do is:

– go to your fathershops dashboard

– Go to the Apps

– Click on Whatsapp —> settings

– And modifie the settings needed


Please follow all the instructions needed to activate the app based on each number :

1- please add your phone number starting with your country code for example 96650000000


2-  write the message that appears at the top of the conversation window, which shows to the  customer a welcoming message, for example, “Hello, we serve you 24 hours.”


3- In here you  write the detailed

message inside the conversation box explaining to the customer what you are providing in the technical support service, for example, “Dear customer, write your inquiry or question and we will answer you within minutes. Please clarify the inquiry and the order number, if any.”

4- You can activate and deactivate the chat button with just one click from this option, which enables you to control the appearance of the chat icon.

5- To change the WhatsApp icon, you can set the main icon or upload/download your own WhatsApp icon by choosing upload/download and then save.

6- You can specify the location of the icon on your site if you want it to appear in your store on the right or left side.


After you finish adjusting the settings, you need to save and then refresh the home page of your store, you will find that the icon has appeared according to the settings you set.

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