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How to deal with orders?

after receiving an order in your fathershops’ store, the next step is transferring orders to Fatherstock’s dashboard by clicking on a button ” send to fatherstock”, that sends all your customer order data to the order and management support team at fatherstock.

The order status will be “pending”.

after the order being checked by our team the s status will then change to “ready to pay” and then when you can pay for the order.

(Products cost and shipping price only) Either by card or by your wallet within your Fatherstock’s control panel.

here is an example on how the payment Methods  works:

Product cost at Fatherstock: 100 SAR

VAT 15% = 15 SAR

fixed shipping fee of First 2kg: SAR 45

So, the total cost: 100 + 15 + 45 = 160 SAR

In your store, for example, your profitability will be set at SAR 50. The sale price will become SAR 210 when you receive any customer order. You will receive SAR 210. You will only pay fatherstock

the cost: SAR 160 and keep the profit for the remaining SAR 50 with your account.

The order status will then change to paid, after which our team will process the order and pack it with your store logo printed on it for free and ship it to your customer directly.

The order status will then be changed to “Shipped” and the tracking number will be updated in your order details, now all you have to do is to provide your customer with the tracking number.

Fatherstock’s dropshipping service is a great option for anyone who wants to start e-commerce for low costs and easy working, As Fatherstock take care of must parts of the sale process: purchase, packaging, quality matching and then shipping. Not only that Fatherstock services also guarantee products according to the terms and conditions. We refund you for any damage or disruption.

All you have to do is to raise a ticket to our supporting team with the attachment of proof (pictures. videos. ) and then you will be compensated directly.

Fatherstock’s dropshipping service is  basically an e-store that includes all products you want without having to buy them. You can also choose other products as well by visiting Ali Express and choosing the right product for you. You copy the product link and paste it into the Fatherstock system and our team will provide it directly within seconds at the best price. All the services mentioned and provided free of charge with Fathershops premier Kit plan for SAR 249/ month only.

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