How does Fathershops work?

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How does Fathershops work?

All you have to do to start with us is to click on the following link, which is going to lead you the following page : ( picture of the page )

Here you can check the three main plans that we offer you in Fathershops

 The “Free” Plan: which is limited in specifications

 The ” Basic ”: in this plan, you can purchase your online store only, without dropshipping services or digital products

The ” Premium Kit ” : this plan grants you all of our services from having your store and Benefit from the dropshipping services as well

Let’s take a look at each plan together, and figure out what plan is perfect for you and your business

If you are a beginner in the dropshipping and online store industry, or you are interested in starting your own business without the need to worry about products, then the Premium Kit plan is the best plan for you

If you are interested in e-store and want to activate your professional online store only for your own business (i.e. have your goods), you can check the Basic plan which is suitable and perfect for your direction and business

And if you didn’t make up your mind yet, you can check the plan Free, you will start a free trial period. get two weeks to get to know the ins and outs.

 this plan will allow you to have limited control over the featers, while making sales, shipping, etc., so you can check your workflow

 after choosing the plan you are interested in, you will receive a welcome email informing you of your store data and your passwords.

You will also receive another email with basic explanations and settings on how to deal with your store and dashboard

And That is how you will start your successful journey with us in e-commerce.!

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