How to Add Fatherpay in Fathershops store?

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Fatherpay is a cashless payment solution method offered by fathershops that allows you to accept payments without any charges. It is a secure and free-of-cost payment gateway that has no card limit and doesn’t require card verification. Fathershops is the leading service provider in the industry, providing unparalleled transaction speed and maximum convenience for our customers. It is an ideal payment solution for eCommerce stores and online businesses.

Fatherpay offers the best payment solution to quickly launch your online store. It gives users access to quickly activate their Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Apple Pay accounts. 

Prerequisites Before proceeding with the installation process, ensure that you have the following:

  • Your primary domain must be activated.

  • You need Business Owner Civil Id, Commercial License or Freelancer Certificate, Bank Account Letter (Bank Account Letter) & A signed copy of 3rd Parties Agreement

Note : The Third Parties Agreement is available in the app; click to download it, thoroughly read it, sign it then scan the document and save it in your device. 

To configure Fatherpay in your website, follow the steps below : 

  • Log in to your website’s admin panel. Fathershops : Ecommerce
  • Locate the “Apps” tab and click on “Payment “.
  • Click on Fatherpay Settings
  • Now click on “Register”

Note : Fields marked with * are to be filled with English letters only

  •  Supplier Name (*) : Insert your name as the supplier.
  • Your Email (*) : Enter your email address
  • Your Mobile Number (*) : Enter the mobile number connected to your bank account.
  • Bank Account Holder Name :  Enter the name that appears on your bank account.
  • Bank Account : Enter the name of your bank under Bank Account.
  • Iban :Type in your Iban for the relevant bank account. (E.g. AE070331234567890123456)
  • Now Upload your Business Owner Civil Id & enter its expiry date.
  •  Upload your Commercial License or Freelance certificate & enter its expiry date.

Commercial license

Freelance Certificate

  •  Next, Upload Bank account letter.

Bank account letter- obtained online

  • Now upload the third party agreement’s signed copy. 
  •  Save the changes and wait for 24 hrs. to activate your account. 
Till then you can enable or disable the cards option for customers to receive payment. 

Sort order : Set the position of the payment module in the list of available payment methods on the checkout page.

Initial Status : Select the order status that should be assigned to orders initially.

Success Status : Select the order status that should be assigned to orders when payment is Successful.

Failed Status : Select the order status that should be assigned to orders when payment is Failed.

Now Save the changes.

Your account will be approved and active in 24 hours. Even though it hasn’t been approved, you can still use it to receive payments. You can review the explanation in the app and properly complete the application form again if your account has been rejected and is no longer active.

After your account is approved & activated, Change the status to “Enable” to reflect Fatherpay payment module in your website front & Save the changes.

Additional Info : After your Account is active, these details will be filled out automatically. (Fatherpay id, your Fatherpay Email, Your mobile number.) If your account is approved & active, you can use these details to activate fatherpay payment module in your other fathershops ecommerce store as well. 

For this just enter the details and change other fields according to your choice. Enable the status and click on save; your fatherpay module will be activated. 

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