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Plan Comparison

Fathershops offers several plans to help your business grow at every stage. Each plan provides a variety of features.

We will clarify the differences and advantages of each plan and prices in our website via this link

 you can use this guide to help you decide which of the following plans works for you:

Free Plan

If you want to try fathershops and get the chance to experience the e-commerce world before committing to an active monthly plan, then you can sign up to our free plan, which is limited in features, enables you to experience our multiple themes, security certificates, blog and other features mentioned in the link above.

With this plan we aim to let our new clients to know the full system of our business so they can be fully ready before committing to one of our active monthly or yearly plans, The free package also includes a dropshipping system that enables you to sell millions of products in one click.

Basic Plan

This plan ” BASIC ” includes all features and specifications within Fathershops platform at an affordable price, but it doesn’t include dropshipping and digital products.

 if you have products and you need a professional store to help you sell your products, and build your business this plan is perfect for you.

You can subscribe to the basic plan now

Premium Kit

It is a very outstanding plan with all the possibilities and specifications you want to start your business professionally. It includes multiple features and services such as dropshiping and selling digital products you can sell everything through this package.

It is the undisputed best if you want a professional job. This package also constitutes quick technical support through live chat or our ticket system. One of the most notable features of this plan is printing your store Logo on your order’s packaging if you are using dropshiping


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