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Understanding shipping

Having an efficient shipping and fulfillment system is very important to the success or failure of an online store. To enable your customers to buy products and ship them in a smooth procedure, you need to set up shipping in your store. The most important part of setting up a good logistics system for your business is to select the right shipping companies to work with. Depending on where you are in the world. Thanks to the technologies we use at Fathershops, We created Fathershipment, it  is a technical solution to make it easier for you to link up with shipping companies. You won’t have to sign too many agreements. Fathershipment will connect your store with more than 120 shipping companies around the world through which you can manage your shipments and operations via only one dashboard. you can also contact whatever shipping companies you are interested in their service and agree on details with them, and from our side will help you connect your store with this shipping company, as long as it is available within Fathershops apps. Upgrade your package Now to one of our plans and get the chance to benefit from Fathershops’ services.

About shipping :

in the e-commerce world, you should as a merchant, understand all logistics and shipping routes, so you don’t face difficulty dealing with shipping methods because they are complicated, so you must make a lot of research and check a lot of companies before starting anything. even though we are not a shipping company, we created fathershipment as a technical solution to help you and make your business more convenient.
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