What does Fathershops offer?

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What does Fathershops offer?

Fathershops is an e-commerce platform that combines the programming and designing of your e-store within 30 seconds. In other words, you can activate your online store with just a few clicks.

Fathershops offer you many features and free services within your dashboard, such as free different professional themes, You can activate any theme you like and you can also edit and save your copy which allows you to reactivate them whenever you need

Fathershops also offers you multiple solutions to improve your workflow and your sales performance by adding free apps such as pixel apps, search engine support, Abandoned Carts, live chat services, commission marketing, and lots of other professional “free” apps that you can activate in your dashboard

one of the additional services we offer is Dropshipping service and digital products. Fathershops provides you with millions of products from major suppliers around the world, so you can sell whatever product you want without the need to worry about shipping or storage.

And last but not least, Fatherpay

one of the most important services that Fathershops offers to its clients. Fatherpay helps you recieve your transactions and payment through Mada, Visa, MasterCard, Apple pay, etc.

it works by activating the payments gateway through your store’s dashboard in a very simple and smooth procedure.

What makes our services even more special is the fact that we care about our customers and love them more than anything.

We made a very special department just for Training and helping our dear customers to know more about E-commerce and Dropshipping.

All you need to do is to follow the articles and videos that explain everything you will need to know step by step.

we will help you know more about designing, programming, product selection, advertising, shipping, development, and many more.

Fathershops, Your eCommerce Hub!

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