What is digital products service?

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What Is Digital Products Service?

A special system has been developed and programmed within FATHERSHOPS for digital products only, whereby you can sell any digital products whether it be audiobooks, PDF files, videos, annotations, courses, and even provide Freelance services such as designs, content writing, advertising management… etc.) All of this can be managed from our smart dashboard that enables you to upload your files and price them,

in case the file is downloadable, your customer will be able to download the file via his profile after paying.

if the products are Freelance services, then after your customers complete their payment successfully the system will allow the messaging within the clients and the Freelancer dashboard including all business requirements such as attaching the files to follow the workflow as well as evaluations.

Simply, the provider can communicate with customers in a smooth and very easy manner, and all these services without a monthly fee of only 7% of the value of any order executed.

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