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Dear Dropshipper,

In our extensive e-commerce and dropshipping experience, we understand that certain Dangerous Goods (DG) cannot be included in your current product listings. This ensures the safety and compliance of your e-commerce business.

Here’s a list of DG Goods that you should be aware of when running your online store

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Heavy Batteries: This includes all products with large battery capacities, such as power banks.

Liquid: Products that contain liquid substances should be handled with care.

Makeup: All cosmetic products, including makeup items, fall under this category.

Self-defense: Items such as specialized self-defense weapons must be managed carefully.

Religious: Products related to religions, such as religious books, should be handled thoughtfully.

Food: Nutritional supplements and food items have specific regulations that need to be followed.

Jewelry: Precious and non-precious jewelry should be included with caution.

Medicine: Pharmaceuticals and medicinal products require special attention due to their nature.

Alcoholic Beverages: Selling alcoholic beverages has legal and compliance considerations.

Chemicals: Products containing hazardous chemicals need proper labeling and handling.

Drones: The sale and shipment of drones come with regulatory guidelines.

Electronic Cigarettes/Electronic Products: Items like e-cigarettes have specific shipping restrictions.

Gambling Elements: Products related to gambling may have legal restrictions in various regions.

Military Equipment: Military-related items require careful handling and adherence to laws.

Miscellaneous: This category encompasses various other items with specific restrictions.

Mobile Phones: Phones and related accessories have specific shipping requirements.

Adult Content: Materials like pornography and adult games are subject to strict regulations.

Advertised Products: Items with false advertising or misleading claims should be avoided.

Smoking Accessories: Products related to smoking need to adhere to smoking regulations.

LGBTQ+ Products: Items that cater to the LGBTQ+ community should be treated with sensitivity.

Inappropriate Pictures: Products containing explicit or offensive imagery should not be promoted.

Counterfeit Products: Avoid selling counterfeit or copycat products.

X-ray Containing Products: Items that contain x-ray-sensitive materials require special handling.

High-Pressure Products: Products under high pressure demand careful shipping and handling.

Toys: Even toys may have specific regulations depending on the materials used.

By being aware of and adhering to these guidelines, you can maintain the safety and compliance of your e-commerce business while serving your customers effectively.

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