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Discounts play a pivotal role in elevating your website’s sales performance, providing an irresistible incentive for both new and existing customers. Harness the potential of discounts to attract, retain, and boost loyalty among your customer base. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the world of coupons and discounts through your Fathershops store:

1. Access Your Fathershops Dashboard

Log in to your Fathershops store dashboard to initiate the process.

2. Navigate to the Marketing Section and Select “Coupons”

Locate the marketing section within your dashboard and choose the “Coupons” option.

3. Click on the “Create Coupon” Button

Initiate the coupon creation process by clicking on the “Create Coupon” button.

4. Choose Predefined Options or Craft a Customized Coupon

Opt for one of the predefined options or unleash your creativity by crafting a customized coupon. Modifications to predefined options are also possible.

5. Edit Coupon Details Under the “General” Tab

Under the “General” tab, specify essential details:

  • Coupon Name: Assign a distinctive name.

  • Code: Create a unique coupon code for customer use during checkout.

  • Status: Activate the coupon by marking it as enabled.

6. Configure Coupon Application Under the “Apply To” Tab

Specify where the discount applies:

  • Products: Choose eligible products or the entire cart if no specific product is selected.

  • Category: Optionally, select specific product categories for coupon application.

7. Set Discount Parameters Under the “Value” Tab

Define the discount specifics:

  • Type: Choose either a percentage or fixed amount discount.

  • Discount: Specify the discount amount.

  • Required Amount: Optionally, set a minimum cart total for coupon activation.

  • Free Shipping: Decide whether to include free shipping with the coupon.

8. Manage Eligibility Through the “Eligibility” Tab

Fine-tune who can access the coupon:

  • Customer Login: Determine whether customer login is necessary.

  • Uses Per Coupon: Specify the overall usage limit; leave blank if it can be used multiple times.

  • Uses Per Customer: Define the usage limit per individual customer; leave blank if unlimited.

9. Establish the Coupon’s Availability Using the “Available Date” Section

Set the start and end dates for the coupon’s validity.

10. Save the Configured Changes

Save your changes to activate the coupon.

11. Make the Coupon Accessible to Customers

Promote the coupon by displaying the code on your website or through marketing channels.

By seamlessly offering attractive discounts using these steps, you enhance your website’s appeal, driving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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