How To Integrate Google Merchant Center To Your Fathershops Store

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What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps online retailers display their products on Google. By uploading product data, businesses can feature their items in Google Shopping, Search, and Ads, providing consumers with detailed listings directly in search results. This platform serves as a central hub to manage product visibility, helping to increase traffic and sales by reaching customers at key decision-making moments. Steps To Integrate Google Merchant Center To Fathershops 1. Sign Up for Google Merchant Center: Register an account with Google Merchant Center.

2. Navigate to Products: On the left side menu, click on the “Products” option.

3. Add Products: Select the “Add Products” option.

4. Insert URL: Choose the first option provided. In the URL section, insert the URL you received from the Google Merchant and Facebook feeds app associated with your store.

5. Access Your Store: Log in to your store’s dashboard.

6. Navigate to Apps: Go to the “Apps” section and select the “Marketing” category.

7. Go To Google Merchant and Facebook Feeds App: Open the specific app to manage your feeds.

8. Copy URL: Copy the Google Merchant feeds URL from here.

9. Paste URL in Merchant Center: Return to your Merchant Center account and paste the copied URL in the designated area.

10. Product Sync: Wait for the synchronization process to complete. Your products will then be displayed in the Merchant Center.

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